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Shirley Waijayantha
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04 - So Kandulaka Ma Randawa - Shirly Waijayantha.mp3
1.58 MB
19 - Nisala Rathri Yamaye - Shirly Waijayantha.mp3
1.6 MB
20 - Nethu Bala Inne Rahase - Shirly Waijayantha.mp3
1.55 MB
21 - Neela Dase Sina - Shirly Waijayantha.mp3
1.53 MB
22 - Muhude Inna Malu - Shirly Waijayantha.mp3
1.58 MB
23 - Mihiri Geetha Thana Gayamu - Shirly Waijayantha.mp3
1.33 MB
24 - Me Seetha Rathriye - Shirly Waijayantha.mp3
1.49 MB
25 - Mata Sihinayak Wage - Shirly Waijayantha.mp3
1.5 MB
26 - Mata Epa Obe Hasarali Bindak - Shirly Waijayantha.mp3
1.42 MB
27 - Man Bolanda Wiye - Shirly Waijayantha.mp3
1.63 MB
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